We provide a full range of thermal imaging services.



Thermopec – Thermal Imaging Specialists Melbourne

Established in Victoria 2013, Thermospec are your one-stop Australia wide thermal imaging specialists. Operating only the best quality German-made Testo 885 thermal cameras, our qualified thermographers bring decades of experience as A-grade electricians, ensuring we can take care of the whole job, start to finish, every time. At Thermospec, we tailor our thermography services to best suit your business, to help you minimise risks.

By taking action now, you increase production and safety, saving you money. We offer a range of thermal imaging inspection services to scan your electrical and mechanical equipment, computers, even animals to determine problematic ‘hot spots’. These hot spots may indicate overloaded circuits, bad connections, inefficient systems, components that need replacing, or – in the case of animals, illness or injury.


What We Do

Thermal Imagining for Electrical and Mechanical Components

The added advantage of thermal imaging over scheduled maintenance stoppages is that our non-invasive checks can be done while equipment and machinery is still running. There is no lost productivity time, and once we’ve identified any problem areas, you can prioritise your future maintenance planning based on the urgency and/or frequency required. We can also help you rectify any issues so you can move forward with confidence.

We offer our services in the following categories:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical