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Thermal Imaging Specialists Melbourne


Safeguard your assets and eliminate costly downtime. We provide a range of non-destructive electrical thermography options to help you identify and resolve future problems.

Thermospec thermal imaging services are designed to detect potential faults early, before they become problems. Once identified, we can help you rectify known issues, giving you the confidence to move forward. With our non-destructive electrical thermography options you can safeguard your assets, eliminate costly downtime and futureproof your business.


Mechanical Thermography is a quick and non-destructive way to ascertain whether your mechanical assets require attention. Using the Thermal Imaging camera our surveys can instantly and accurately assess the condition of your mechanical asset and determine if there are any faulty parts such as bearings, motors, drive belts, cooling fans and steam vessels. Mechanical Thermography can also be a complimentary tool to vibration analysis and/or alignments of electrical motors.

Test your mechanical services with no loss of productivity. With thermal imaging you don’t have to stop for maintenance now, and you’re less likely to break down in the future